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Based in Belfast, CEDA is a Cooperative development organisation building prosperity in communities across the UK and Ireland.  We work with local partners such as Ulster Community Investment Trust to establish and grow community-owned co-operatives with the aim of developing the cooperative economy. Co-operatives and credit unions are powerful tools that create long-term growth and prosperity in communities throughout the UK and Ireland.  


CEDA provides professional guidance and support in the development of new cooperatives by providing a range of governance and other training, facilitating meetings, including strategic planning sessions, and provide technical assistance to help address issues particular to the specific co-op. We make it possible for individuals and communities to build their capacity and create economic opportunities based on co-operative principles.

Through our Cooperative Crowdfunding website, we can enable projects to raise the required funds to get off the ground or move to the next level. We have access to grant schemes and social finance matching loans are also available if a project meets the required criteria.



1. Promote the role of co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) across the Irish and UK economy.

2. Foster partnerships aimed at strengthening commercial ties in the cooperative sector.

3. Provide assistance in research, education and advocacy aimed at promoting the sector in conjunction with SCSI.

4. Increase he number of Cooperatives in the local economy.

5. Encourage the use of online cooperative platforms for community investment initiatives.

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